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Purchase your Parking Permit

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Convenient, flexible ways to make a payment.To purchase a Parking Permit at JWU Denver Campus please select to “pay for your parking permit” to the right. If you have any questions you may contact Student Academic & Financial Services.

Pay for your Parking Permit

Select “make a payment” to process your payment for your parking permit at your school.

These options and services are powered by our partner, TMS, who has provided payment solutions for over 3 million students at thousands of schools.

Payments, Quick & Easy

Whether you're paying the whole bill, the balance of a bill, or making an installment payment, we offer flexible ways to pay. You can pay online or through our toll-free customer service line at 800-722-4867 or 401-921-3999 (outside U.S. and Canada).

Making your payment online gives you more control over when and where you pay.

With online payments you can:

  • Instantly know your payment was received
  • Avoid having your payment get lost in the mail

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Why should I use the One-Time Payment option?
A: Why wait in line at your school to make your payment when you can use our convenient One-Time Payment option?